Today the trend for mobile phone games is rising. Newer and newer types or games are available for download. Some of the games feature violence and other forms of immoral activity. Their children are involved in. In such times, the Pixel Car Racer Game comes as a breath of fresh air. So what exactly is the Pixel Car Racer Game? Basically, as the name itself suggests, it is a car racing game in retro style available for playing in various mobile devices. This app can be purchased from the Amazon app store, Apple's App store and google play as well. Use this pixel car racer hack

ABOUT THE GAME: This game offers the player to race and drive around the city. At the same time the drive is made very adventurous. Attractive options such as Time Attack Mode are available from the player should compete with other players for the best time. The opponents are AI drivers only so right now there is no option to add friends to Pixel car racer game. Right now, this game is played offline. However, all are eagerly looking forward to a new update that they can play this game online. The users are expecting something like a multiplayer game update so that they can invite or add their friends for a drag race or just an adventure cruise.

LIST OF CARS: The game is very attractive to youngsters as it offers the very best and exclusive models in cars such as Alfa Romeo V6, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet etc. In AWD mode, there are cars such as Mitsubishi, Nissan etc. So the user has the option to build his own garage and the unique option to customization the vehicles with different colors and parts.

CONTROLS: the keys used to control are WASD or arrow keys and for extra speed booster ienitrothe space bar should be pressed. To pause the Esc button needs to be pressed.

TYPES OF MODE: The Pixel car Racer game has three options to choose from. As the player becomes professional, he can progress to higher level completing and winning races with earning more points. The three levels are:

Beginner: Here the player needs to use only the accelerator and the car is automatically staged. Once the screen sign “Get Ready” disappears, the accelerator needs to be pressed in order to launch the car.

Amateur: In this level, + and - buttons to be used in order to shift the gears up and down. In this mode, the prize money is 33% more than what is offered in the beginner level.

Expert: Here the prize money is 66% more than the beginner level. In this level, the clutch and accelerator option is used to be.

HINTS: There is an option to heat up the tires for better grip. However, if the player's car is RWD or FWD then only it is required. AWD cars don't require this.

This super interactive racing game can improve your skills as a racing car driver and is very thrilling and exciting even though you cannot present add your friends for anonline race.